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The system rules

The below stated rules apply for all visitors of the server Profiholky.cz. By visiting any page of Profiholky.cz server the user express full and unconditional agreement with those rules. These rules are in accordance with the legislation of EU and Czech Republic.

  1. I am adult in the age of or above 18.
  2. I am well aware of entering the pages containing sexually explicit materials.
  3. | am not visiting the pages from the country, where the adult materials are forbidden, including but not limited to the states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Misouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Libya, Pakistan, The Republic of China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Syria, The United Arab Emirates.
  4. I will not allow any unqualified or infant person for having access to here included data.
  5. My interest in any of here contained data is purely private and it is intended only for my personal need.
  6. I acknoledge that Profiholky.cz is not an escort agency and does not provide for any escort, erotic or other services offered on these pages. All here contained services are offers of escort agencies, organizations and individuals. Profiholky.cz bears no liability for content, price, quality or actual accessibility of offered services under any circumstance. Profiholky.cz also bears no liability for the content and truthfullness of the information published within the offer of the services of individual escort agencies organizations or individuals, even in case the provider had been warned of possible mistake in those information in advance.
  7. I agree that Profiholky.cz bears no liability for resulting damages of any character (including and not limited to the damages of earned surplus loss, interrupted enterprise, business information loss or any financial loss) even if the damages originated on grounds of usage or impossibility of usage of the services of escort angencies, organizations or individuals offered via Profiholky.cz even in case the server Profiholky.cz has been specified as possible inflictor of those damages and it´s provider had been warned of the possibility of the damages origination.
  8. Should I use the services of advertising in Profiholky.cz I promise to observe all applicable laws of Czech Republic, particularly but not solely in a relation to here presented escort agencies, organizations and individuals. Profiholky.cz bears no liability for prospective civil and criminal litigations, possibly originating from the relations between myself, user and escort agency, organization or individual the offer of which is included in database of Profiholky.cz and which is not under any controll of Profiholky.cz.
  9. All video and text materials on the pages of Profiholky.cz are protected by the Copyright Act. Any distribution of the contents or its parts without prior written authorization of the provider of this server is strictly prohibited.
  10. I am fully aware of the fact that by violating of any of these rules I expose myself to the risk of both civil and criminal prosecution.